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Vol. 1, No. 1, 1959, 16pp Editorial: Steam Meets
Whitney Motor Wagon Company
Building the Stanley Steamer
Australian Steam Activities—Sydney Clement
Williams Engine Company
Vol. 2, No. 2, 1959, 16pp The Steam Automobile: How Steamers Fit into the Present Automobile Picture—Louis Culkin
Stanley Converted to Wood and Coal—Russell Goodall
W. E. Johannsen and His Light Steam Power Engine
This Stanley Still Steams—Wayne O. Nutting
National Meet in San Diego—California
Vol. 2, No. 3, 1960, 18pp The Installation of a Stanley Engine on an Engine on a Columbia: Two-Speed Rear Axle—Wendell E. Mason
Frostline Steam Buggy—Ted Frost
General Electric Built Steam Cars—Dr. E. Stanley Cope
The Most Memorable Automobile Trip I Ever Took—A. M. Stanley
Frost Steam Company—Morris Frost
Vol. 2, No. 4, 1960, 16pp The Effect of Cylinder Arrangement on Economy and Smoothness—Wendell E. Mason
Our Club's Greensboro—North Carolina Meet—Frances Legas
Old Car Fans Await Return of Steam—The Greensboro Record
When the West was Young—George Shepard
What Kind of People Attend Steam Car Meets—Louis Culkin
Vol. 3, No. 1, 1960, 16pp The Palo Alto Meet—Frances Legas
Atomizing Burners and Water Tube Boilers—Harry Peterson
Combustion is a Phenomenon of Which Very Little Is Known—Carl Guth
Adventures with a Stanley Steamer—Wilbur Yates
North Carolina Region Set Up at Iowa City
Vol. 3, No. 2, 1961, 16pp The Douglas, Arizona Meet—Frances Legas
Something Practical (Adjusting Stanley Automatic Water Level Controls), Wayne O. Nutting
Fuels for Stanley Steamers—George D. Greene
Publications Containing Articles on Steam Cars—Edward Sullivan
The Electrical Charging System
What About LP Gas?
Vol. 3, No. 3, 1961, 16pp Answers for Modern Steam Car Problems—Alick Clarkson
Before - After—Lester D. Friend
Steaming Up the Brooks—Gordon A. Lamb
North Western Area Steam Meet Seattle, WA
Piston Steam Engines—Harry M. Arnold
Vol. 3, No. 4, 1961, 16pp Thermodynamics: The Scientific Approach to the Conversion of Heat into Work As Applied to the Improvement of Light Steam Power, Part I: The Importance of Efficiency—Thomas A. Hosick
Correspondence from the Honorary President Sydney Clement of Steam Power Unit Development Society in Australia
Steam Launch "Little Effie"—Captain L. S. McGready
Reproduction of Steam Bus by Clarkson—John A. Coyer
Why Don't We Have a Steam Car—Dave Garroway
We Go to the Chattanooga—Tennessee Steam Car Meet—A. W. Landry
Vol. 4, No. 1, 1961, 16pp Have Steam Will Travel—Averill Becker
Listing of Stanley Models—Russell Goodall
Correspondence from Walter Deitchman
Why Do the Railroads Buy Diesel Locomotives: Editorial—Freeman Hubbard
Update—Morris Frost
Wire Wrapping Stanley Boilers—William Besler
Nothing Like Steam—Gordon Rosekilly
Vol. 4, No. 2, 1961, 18pp Stanley Steamer Stuff—Paul A. Bourdon
Seattle Steam Car Meet: A Success Story—Herb Schoenfield
Correspondence from Pritchard Steam Power Pty Ltd
Controlling the Monotube—H. D. Garner
List of Steam Cars Which Attended the Meet at Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts—Henry Sheppard
Vol. 4, No. 3, 1961, 16pp Boiler Feed Pumps—Wendell Mason
Interview with President Robert Lyon: Autos Get Him All Steamed Up, Chicago Tribune
Getting the Steam Car into Reproduction—Louis Culkin
Those Noisy Stanley Pumps—Kenneth Maxwell
Pritchard Steam Power: Details of the Performance of the Prototype Unit
Vol. 4, No. 4, 1962, 16pp A Modern Automotive Steam Power Plant, Part I—James L. Dooley, Vice President. McCulloch Corp.
Report: The Greensboro, North Carolina Meet
Maverick I Goes to Greensboro: One Act Play—Dave Noland
Thermodynamics, Part II—Thomas A. Hosick
The Reno, Nevada Meet in Brief
Vol. 5, No. 1, 1962, 16pp George Eli Whitney: Steam Automobile Pioneer
The Offeldt-Gisbon-Whitney Car: One of a Kind Antique
Report: The Steam Meet at Ithaca, New York
Thermodynamics: Part III—Thomas A. Hosick
A Modern Automotive Steam Power Plant, Part II—James L. Dooley, Vice President, McCulloch Corp.
Valves & Valve Gears of Steam Engines—Wendell E. Mason
Vol. 5, No. 2, 1962, 16pp Scottsdale Meet -- Clarkson Engine—George D. Greene
Fuels for Stanley Steamer—George D. Greene
The TraskDetroit Steamer
The White Steamer—A. T. Edmonson
A Modern Automotive Steam Power Plant Part III—James L. Dooley, Vice President, McCulloch Corp.
Current Developments in Compact Steam Cycles—A. P. Kelly, Director of Advanced Research, AiResearch Manufacturing Company of Arizona
Valves & Valve Gears of Steam Engines: Part II—Wendell E. Mason
Vol. 5, No. 3, 1963, 16pp Radical New Steam Engine, Highlights Scottsdale, AZ Meet
Building A Monotube Steam Generator—Harry Peterson
Early Motoring Accident—John Bigham
The Trask Detroit Steamer
The Jaxon
Valves & Valve Gears of Steam Engines Part III—Wendell E. Mason
A Modern Automotive Steam Power Plant Part IV—James L. Dooley, Vice President, McCulloch Corp.
Cornish Mine Pump
Vol. 5, No. 4, 1963, 16pp Greensboro, North Carolina: Report
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
Anaheim, California Meet
So You Want to Build a Steam Automobile: Pros and Cons for the Amateur, Dean Spencer
Where is the Water in the Stanley Boiler—H. D. Garner
Worthington, Ohio Meet Report
Vol. 5, No. 5, 1963, 20pp Wilmington, Delaware Meet Report
Here's A Steam Driven Twin that Burns Kerosene—H. Rose
Steam TwoWheeler—Leonard J. Washburn
1900 Locomobile
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
Anaheim, California Meet Report
Building The Stanley-White Heap—Milton Gallup
Douglas, Arizona Meet Report—Jess O. Kennedy
Vol. 6, No. 1, 1964, 20pp Fuels and Flames—Thorton W. Price, Professor of Engineering, Arizona State University
How to Refinish Wood & Get a Piano Finish—R. R. Kunkl
Stanley Steamers in the Rockies!
The 1887 Wood-Philbrick Steam Carriage
Detroit Steamers
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
On Restoring A Grout Steamer—Wayne O. Nutting
More Pictures from the Douglas, Arizona
Meet Dragster Enthusiast Builds Steam Kart
Stanley Knocks and Noises: And How to Cure Them—Kenneth Maxwell
Where to they Go?—Wayne O. Nutting
Vol. 6, No. 2, 1964, 24pp Report: Greensboro, North Carolina Meet
A New Engine: The Elliptocline
Steam Concept Interests Air Force—William J. Besler
Stanley: From Photographic Plates to Steam Car Immortality
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
Victor Steam Carriage
The Stanley Steamer: A Study in Unsuccessful Innovation Part I—Charles C. McLaughlin, Harvard University
Fresno S.A.C.A. Meet—Thomas P. Hall
Clarkson Engine: Progress
Tobacco Valley Meet
Miller-Jensch Engine Double-Acting Uniflow Type
Vol. 6, No. 3, 1964, 24pp Worthington, Ohio Steam Meet: Report
A New Burner—D. A. Warriner
Fulton Steam Automotive Company
"Mobile" Company of America
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
The Stanley Steamer: A Study in Unsuccessful Innovation - Part II, Charles McLaughlin. Harvard University
Western Regional S.A.C.A. Meet—Thomas P. Hall
The Modern Steam Automobile—Richard J. Smith
S.A.C.A. Meets at Talleyville
The New Williams Steam Car
Vol. 6, No. 4, 1964, 24pp Woodstock Steam Meet—Forest Crossen and Robert L. Lyon
Fuels and Lubricants—James Banner
Teflon for Steam Use—G. R. Bower
Condensation Improvement in Condensers—Thomas A. Hosick
Stanley Motor Carriage Company
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
The Stanley Steamer: A Study in Unsuccessful Innovation, Part III, Charles McLaughlin, Harvard University
Earle Eckel Receives Top Safe Driving Award
Steam Throttles for Modern Steam Automobiles—Richard J. Smith
How to Keep a Stanley AND a Wife (Both if Possible)—Dave Root
Report on the Miller-Jensch Engine—Ray Jensch
Steaming to Riverside, California and Carson City, Nevada—Averill Becker
Special Western Regional S.A.C.A. Meet: Report
Vol. 7, No. 1, 1965, 28pp Report: Southeastern Region. Greensboro, North Carolina
Where Have the Dobles Gone?
Doble Notes—Barney Becker
Steaming in the Rain: San Luis Obispo Meet—Averill Becker
Possibilities to Consider in Designing A Steam Car—Thomas P. Hall
Concours d'Elegance: Mercer Island, Washington
Lane Steamer
Doble Steam Motors
A. L. Dyke Automobile Parts & Supplies (Catalog)
A Steam Cycle Power Plant for High Power Communications Satellites—Henry R. Kroeger and Jerry Grey
Doble Steam Saga at University of California
On the Glidden Tour with Two 1901 Steamers—Herb Ottaway
Vol. 7, No. 2, 1965, 24pp Worthington, Ohio Meet: Report
Rhode Islander Builds Unusual Steam Engine
Steam Driven Airplane?
Cruban Machine and Steel Corporation
History is Given of Baker Steam Motor Car Co.
More Doble Data—Richard Hempel
Steam Engine Shows How
"Betsy"—Averill Becker
A Steam Cycle Power Plant for HighPower Communications Satellites Part II—Henry R. Kroeger and Jerry Grey
Smog and the Steam Automobile—Richard J. Smith
Charles Keen and his Steamliners
Vol. 7, No. 3, 1965, 28pp Recent S.A.C.A. Meets
We Will Go to Scottsdale—Averill Becker
The Fall (and Possible Rise) of the Steam Car Part I—Charles McLaughlin, Harvard Univ.
Lane Steam Cars
Operating the White Steamer Part I—Roland Giroux
White Steam CarsModels "MM & OO" Colored Piping Diagram
Steam Engine Economy—Richard J. Smith
An Experimental Evaluation of a Modern High Speed Steam Engine Part I—Carl R. Halbach, Roy Ferrier, and Curtis Burkland
Steamy—Mahlon P. Lamoureux, Jr.
Vol. 7, No. 4, 1965, 24pp Popular Science Pops Idea-(Elliptocline)
Operating the White Steamer Part II—Roland Giroux
Lane Steam Car Catalog Concluded
The Fall (and Possible Rise) of the Steam Car Conclusion—Charles McLaughlin, Harvard University
A Steam Cycle Power Plant for the High-Power Communication Satellites Conclusion—Henry Kroeger and Jerry Grey
Some Particulars Concerning the Williams Steam Car An Experimental Evaluation of a Modern HighSpeed Steam Engine Part II—Carl Halbach, Roy Ferrier, and Curtis Burkland
Vol. 8, No. 1, 1966, 24pp Greensboro, North Carolina Meet: Report
Concord, California Meet—Averill Becker
Authenticity is Key Note of Rockefeller Antique Car Collection—Gene Harrington
Operating the White Steamer Part III—Roland Giroux
Endurance Steam Car
Locomobile Advertisements
An Experimental Evaluation of a Modern HighSpeed Steam Engine Conclusion, Carl Halbach. Roy Ferrier and Curtis Burkland
Bringing Back the Old-Timers: Day-Land Project—Ralph Day
Thermodynamics: Part IV—Thomas A. Hosick
Vol. 8, No. 2, 1966, 16pp Gasoline vs. Steam—The Steam Motor Journal 1908
Ban Gas Autos: Smog Expert—Bob Rose
The Successful Use of a Condenser with a Fire Tube Boiler, The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
The Steam Car, It's Construction, Care, and Operation—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
Tires, Tire Protectors, AntiSkid Devices, and Tire Holders—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
Queries and Answers—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
Advantages of Larger Boilers and Burners Than are Commonly Used on Steam Carriages—The Steam Motor Journal 1907
Catechism on the Steam Engine—The Steam Motor Journal December 1907
Complete CarsTurner-Miesse Steam Cars—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
Trouble with the Water Supply—The Steam Motor Journal Nov 1907
Influence of Acid and Rust on Ball Bearings—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
Oilers, Oil Devices, and Lubricants: The Schoelkopf Lubricator
Vol. 8, No. 3, 1966, 36pp Worthington, Ohio Meet Report—Robert L. Lyon
Maintenance and Operation of a Stanley Steamer—Earle Eckel
Dave Warriner's Steamer—Dave Warriner
1903 Steamers
The Geneva Steam Touring Car
The Conrad Motor Carriage Company
Mary Ringo Harper Visits Ringoes—Earle Eckel
Auto Exhaust Control—Dr. James P. Lodge, Jr., National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado
The Building of a High Performance Steam Car—Harry Peterson
Continuing Our Doble Picture Series—Dick Hempel
The Steam Car, Its Construction, Care, and Operation—The Steam Motor Journal October 1907
Discussion of Kerosene Burners—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
NonPuncturable Tires a Big Feature in New York—The Steam Motor Journal October 1907
Operating the White Steamer: Conclusion—Roland Giroux
Report: San Diego, California Meet—Averill Becker
Williams Steamers Near Completion
Vol. 8, No. 4, 1966, 20pp Bill's Potato Steamer: One Man's Answer to "Wish I Had a Steamer"—William J. French
Setting the Valves on the Model 735 Engine—Stanley Dealer Bulletin May 1922
Special Steam Session—Robert L. Lyon
Low Smog Output Shown by Williams Steamer Test
The Simplex Rotary Steam Engine—Steam Motor Journal September 1907
More Dobles
Elliptocline Progress—Thomas Hosick
Ohio Region Meet
I.C. Headaches—Earle Eckel
Two Composite Steamers by S.A.C.A. Members
Vol. 9, No. 1, 1967, 56pp "Velocipedraisiavaporianna: The Remarkable History of the Steam-Powered Two Wheeler
Jesse Ellis: One of the First Men in Britain to Produce a Steam Lorry
Leon Serpollet: Great French Steam Car Builder—David Burgess
Death of a Steam Bus
White Racers
Sentinel-Doble Waggons—W. Michael Salmon
Steam Aircraft—George Stevens
Showmans Engine—Phillip Bradley
Vol. 9, No. 2, 1967, 20pp Greensboro, North Carolina Meet Report
Doble Photos—Charlie Briar
The Ideal Steam Automobile—The Steam Motor Journal November 1908
Answers and Queries—The Steam Motor Journal November 1908
Thoughts on Designing A Modern Steam Car—Willard E. Wonner
A Few Clippings on Smog by S.A.C.A. Members
Can the Steam Automobile Come Back?—Richard Wyman
Vol. 9, No. 3, 1967, 24pp+ SACA Meet at Wilmington, Delaware
Modern Steam Automotive Power—Thomas A. Hosick
Steam Engine Car Awaits Demand
Keep 'Em Steaming
Stanley 740 Diagram Centerfold
Out of the Archives
SACA Meet at Worthington, Ohio
Woolf Compound Engine
Unusual Steam Engine—Controlled Steam Dynamics
Smog Culprit Revealed
Converted Outboard Motors Offered
See-Through Boiler
Vol. 9, No. 4, 1967, 24pp Laguna Beach, California S.A.C.A. Meet Report
Fiberglass for Bodywork
Homebuilt Steamers: Then and Now
The Steam Car, Its Construction, Care, and Operation—The Steam Motor Journal July 1907
Steam News: Clippings from S.A.C.A. Readers
The Steam Engine is Coming Back—John Lannan
Panel Suggests Steam as Alternate Electric Car Promise Seen Small, Eric Wentworth
Steam Car Museum: Henry C. Palmer and the Steam Car Garage
Giro-Steamer Thrill—Earle Eckel
Vol. 10, No. 1, 1968, 76pp Autorandom: News and Oddities
Steam: The Answer to Smog?
The Stanley, White, Doble, McCulloch & Williams
Controlled Steam Dynamics
Steam Motor Systems: Elliptocline
Richard Smith
R. R. Ferrier Company
Where Do We Stand?
Paxton Vapor Engine
Driving the Doble—OCee Ritch
Balancing Act Which Gas?
Gran Turismo Volkswagen by EMPI
The Brawny GTX
Cars You Won't See in the United States
Quick as a Wink: Mirror that Saves Your Neck
Little Bitty Truck: The Cony 360
Senate to Study Cars as a Solution for Air Pollution: Detroit Likes Status Quo—Charles B. Camp
Vol. 10, No. 2, 1968, 68pp Engines and their Accessories: MacLachlan Single Acting Compound Steam Engines
Tires, Tire Protectors, AntiSkid Devices and Tire Holders: The Murrey Vehicle Wheel
Snell's Resilient Double Cushioned Automobile Tire
Stanley Steam Car: Owners and Operators
Complete Cars: The 1909 Models of the White Steam Car
Oiling Roads Injurious to Tires
To Brighten Aluminum Parts
Tire Pointers
Data Regarding the Different Fuels
The Steam Car, Its Construction, Care, and Operation: The Kerosene Pilot—H. W. Harmon
Antique Steam Car Meet: Woodstock, Vermont
Vol. 10, No. 3, 1968, 68pp Steamers Will Never Die: Antique and Classic Cars, Trend Book 193
Steam Engines for Airplanes by John B. Rathbun Steam Power for Aircraft—Alfred M. Caddell, Aero News and Mechanics JuneJuly 1930
More About Steam Planes, Popular Aviation August 1933
Steam Power: The Swift and Silent Orphan—Eugene Jaderquist
King of the Steam Cars (Doble)—Paul R. Hayes
Steam Boiler Construction
Modern Steam Automobile Could Reduce Pollution
Vol. 10, No. 4, 1968, 16pp Critical Research Areas in Automotie Steam Engineering—H. D. Garner
Western Regional Fall Meeting Report: Sparks, NV
Elegy in a Country Junk Yard
How to Start a Trip in a Stanley and Finish it in an Ambulance—Dave Root
Janson Tractor—Harry Peterson
Vol. 11, No. 1, 1969, 20pp The Steam Car: Fear and Interest—Roy Renner
White Steam Car Owners and Operators
The DeWeese Steam Car
For Smog's Sake... Steam Powered Automobiles Should Come Back—S. William Gouse, Jr.
Harry's Memories—Harry Peterson
St. Louisan Designs Steam Automobile—St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat February 1920
Grand Opening Pate Museum of Transportation
The Kidder Motor Vehicle
Vol. 11, No. 2, 1969, 20pp The Wonderful Old White Steamer—Forest Crossen
Steam Cars: Full Throttle at Last?—Karl E. Ludvigsen
Steam Engine Tests—William Swigart
California Highway Patrol Seeks Smogless Steam Auto—William C. Williams
Steam Car Advantages—L. E. Sevison
Cal Tinkham Speaks at Sparks, Nevada Meeting
Stanley Steamer Tours, Woodstock, Vermont
Quiz for Antique Car Buffs
William D. Thompson Plans to Race a Steam Car This Year
What If They Bought Locomotives?
New Thermosludge Steam Generator Delivered to McCulloch Oil Corporation
Vol. 11, No. 3, 1969, 20pp Application of Modern Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Experience to the Design of Boilers for Automatic Steam Powerplants—A. P. Fraas
Fresno, California Steam Meet Report
After Three Years Tinkering: 1894 Mastodon Auto Runs
Reports ... Modern Steam Cars
Greensboro, North Carolina Steam Meet Report
Steam Powered Car May Return
Vol. 11, No. 4, 1969, 20pp The Problem of Air Pollution: Fight Air Pollution
Steam May Power Future Cars, Tractors
The Radical Plot to Poison Air
O.K. Ban on AH Gas Run Cars in California
L.A. Opposes Smog Suit Settlement
State of California Hearing on the Potentials of a Steam Automobile
Oberlin, Ohio Steam Meet Report
Stanley Ellis has a Cape Cod Caper
A Visit to Heritage Plantation, Sandwich, MA
Tables on Williams Steam Car
Vol. 12, No. 1, 1970, 20pp Is There a Steam Car in Your Future?
Projects of L. W. Simkin
Advantages of AntiPollution Vehicles
The Don C. Williams Steam Engine
Gasoline Car Explosion—Is Propane Safe?
Steam Automobile Condensing Speech—Richard J. Smith
Do-It-Yourself Water Level Control—Richard J. Smith
Thermodynamics of New Steam Cycle Nominal 50 lbs., IMEP (Williams Steam Car) Reprinted from The Steam Automobile 1, No. 1
Vol. 12, No. 2, 1970, 20pp A Steam Car Tour of the Eastern Shore—H. P. Clauberg
Tribute to Thomas C. Marshall
Alma Steam Motors
Self-Mold Packing
The Olde Lock Pump House
Air Pollution and the Automobile—David Gitlin
Steam Falcon—Edward Pritchard, Australia
Vol. 12, No. 3, 1970, 20pp Steam Cart—Donald W. Whittier
Greensboro, North Carolina Steam Meet Report
The American Steamer
Steam Car Meet Report: Orange, California
The History of the Prescott Car
Vol. 12, No. 4, 1970, 20pp A Steam Machine to Help Your Heart—Paul Weissier
Stanley, The Steam Car (Reprinted Brochure)
Tomorrow's Steam Car . . . Could This Be It?—William Ranck
Siphoning Full—Stanley W. Ellis
Fundamental Nature of the High Compression Engine—Jerry Peoples
Doble Notes—Barney Becker
$45 Million United States Plan for Cleaner Car
Vol. 13, No. 1, 1971, xxpp Everett, Washington, Steam Car Meet Report
M. L. Beeghley's Steam Traction Engine
Hyde Power System's Test Car No. 2
Government Agency Lists United States Cities with Worst Air Pollution, Stan Hayes National Enquirer November 1, 1970
Prophecy of Waldemar Kaempffert: The Automobile of 1951
Steam Automotive Analysis: A Swingin' Approach to the Thermodynamics of the Steam Automobile
Is the Auto Industry Getting ALL Steamed Up?
Letter to the Editor: The Williams Engine—Thomas Hosick
Vol. 13, No. 2, 1971, 20pp Two Richmonders Develop New Steam Principle
Mumbling Old Phantom—Earle Eckel
The Clermount Steam Automobile
Pollution Controls Don't Help
The World's Motor Museums
Hyde Power Systems, Inc.
Mobile Steam Society
Vol. 13, No. 3, 1971, 20pp Upland, California Meeting Report
The Steam Car Fact and Fantasy
Instructions for Operating the Stanley Steam Car Part I
The Gasoline Automatic Relief Valve
The Steam Automatic Valve
Vol. 13, No. 4, 1971, 20pp Birth of the Steam Bus—S. S. Miner
Control of the Monotube Boiler—H. D. Garner
Steam Buses in California—Roy A. Renner
Invents Pollution Free Motor?—Dorothy Turner
Life Experiences of Carol Grant
Steam Bus Symposium—H. D. Garner
Instructions for Operating the Stanley Steam Car Part II
1971 Oak Ridge Technical Meet—J. L. Wantland
To Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution
Western Region Meeting Report
Vol. 14, No. 1, 1972, 20pp Hinckley-Beloit Engine
Combustion Processes for Steam Automobiles
Automotive Horsepower Requirements—Sam Miner
Instructions for Operating the Stanley Steam Car Part III
Working and Care of the Slide Valve Engine—The Steam Motor Journal June 1907
Important Court Decision: Automobiles are NOT "Carriages"—The Steam Motor Journal 1908
Vol. 14, No. 2, 1972, 20pp Steam From a Gas Car Standpoint—American Motor Journal May 1910
A Visit to: S.E.S. Steam Energy Systems Corp.—S. S. Miner
Complete Cars 1908 White Steam Cars—The Steam Motor Journal April 1908
Plans for Installing Power Plant Under Front Hood—The Steam Motor Journal September 1908
Instant-On Oil Burner for the "MAXI"—Richard J. Smith
Your Life is Not Important (Pollution)—Wallace Minto
Vol. 14, No. 3, 1972, 20pp The Carter Steamer
Eagle Rock, California Meet Report
Economy Then and Now—The Steam Motor Journal June 1907
First Snowmobile?—George Brewster
Specialized Welding for Engine Repairs
The Minto Engine
Stanley Steam Car Owners and Operators—American Motor Journal November 1908
History is Repeated—The Steam Motor Journal April 1908
Vesuvius A Steam Powered Bicycle—David Sarlin
Circulating Feed Water Heater—Rudy Bladel
Care and Repair of Stanley Boilers
Vol. 14, No. 4, 1972, 24pp 1912 Stanley Completes Coast-to-Coast Round Trip—Thomas C. Marshall. Jr.
Will the Scissors Engine Cut the Mustard?
The Johnson: 1908 Pleasure Steam Car
A Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Ancestor—H. D. Garner
Sport Lovers Spend $65,000,000.00 Yearly for Autos—The Steam Motor Journal August 1908
Complete Cars: The English E.J.Y.R. Steam Car—The Steam Motor Journal August 1908
The Cardon Steamer—Antique Motor News & Atlantic Auto Advisor October 1972
Fuel Economy of Steam Systems—Jerry Peoples
Vol. 15, No. 1, 1973, 20pp The Scott-Newcomb Steam System of 1924
Edward Pritchard of Australia Brings Modern Steam Car to America
A Report on Steam Power Systems, Inc. External Combustion Engine Feasibility Bus—Richard D. Burtz
Auto Monoxide an Indoor Peril
A New Era in Steam—E. C. Walker Company Catalog
Vol. 15, No. 2, 1973, 20pp Blow Down in Stockton—Brian Fielder
Blimey! Those Steam Meets in England—Harcourt Hervey
The Code, The Materials, and The Fabrication of Steam Power Boilers for Automotive Use—Carl D. Lundin
Introducing the Alena Steam Truck and Hamilton Steam Tractor
Vol. 15, No. 3, 1973, 24pp+ History of Steam Automobile Club of America—Robert L. Lyon
The Sweany Steam Carriage
Stationary Engineer's Design of a Modern Steam Engine—Joseph Zibrum
We have to think about Politics Instead of Thermo­dynamics if we want to See Steam Power on the Nation's Roads—William Lipman
Steam Engineering: Demonstration of Mercury Converted Steam Engine, The Steam Motor Journal April 1908
News from Southeastern Region
The KROV A New Era in Steam
A Crusader for Clean Air at 25, He's a Designer of Steam Cars—Brian Fielder
Editorial: Gasoline vs. Steam Power
Vol. 15, No. 4, 1973, 32pp The Third Annual Technical Meeting at Oak Ridge, Tennessee—H. D. Garner
Wearing Apparel and Novelties—The Steam Motor Journal July 1908
An Overview of the Federally Sponsored Rankine Cycle Automotive Engine Development Program (Speech given at the National Steam Meet in Chicago 1973)—Stephen Luchter
Picking Up a Stanley—Robert Noble
Steam Cars and Buses in California Part I—Roy A.Renner
Engines of Don C. Williams
San Diego, California: Western Region Spring Meet Report
Steam Car of the Future—Joel Wastell
Vol. 16, No. 1, 1974, 24pp Analyzing the "D" Cycle—William Wildman
The Advancement of Steam Car Construction—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
The Vapo-Drive Steam Control System Part I—Ellis A. Creek
Smith's Steam Bicycle: The Answer to High Cost Trans­portation, The Energy Crisis, and Air Pollution
Salon de l'Automobile. Paris, France—The Automobile December 1902 - January 1903
Steam Cars and Buses in California Part II—Roy A.Renner
The Strange Case of the $100,000 Jalopy
Oiling and Greasing of the Early Day Stanleys—Earle S. Eckel, Sr.
Vol. 16, No. 2, 1974, 24pp Combustion Efficiencies in the Modern Steam Generator (From a speech given at Chicago 1973)—J. Allen Reynolds
Ideas on Steam Car Construction—Charles E. Prior, Jr. The Steam Motor Journal December 1908
Australian Government Evaluates Pritchard's Modern Steam Car for Financing Production
Comparison of Fluorocarbon and Steam Rankine Cycle Efficiencies—Wallace L. Minto, Pres. Kinetics Corp.
Norman Reisinger Keeps the Steam Flowing
The VapoDriven Steam Control System Part II—Ellis A. Creek
Richard Smith produces Steam Units for All American Motors
A Steam Car Treatise on Miles Per Gallon—Jerry Peoples
Vol. 16, No. 3, 1974, 24pp Steaming at Santa Barbara—Harcourt Hervey, III
Replica of the 1907 Stanley Racer—Morris P. Frost
Steam Automobile Club of America's Emblem Joins One of the World's Largest Collections—Dr. R. W. L. Crosby, South Australia
The Car Solution: The Steam Engine Comes of Age—Dr. Gary Levine
A Steam Happening at Greensboro, North Carolina—H. D. Garner
Freon Car Airlifted to Japan—Wallace L. Minto
Appliances, Contrivances, Specialties, and Sundries—The Steam Motor Journal June 1907
1899 Locomobile Steamer of Jack Mauro
Vol. 16, No. 4, 1974, 28pp Chicago Steam Auto Show: Meet Report
The Gray Vapor Generator as Compared to the Normal Boiler in the Steam Automobile—W. G. Wyatt
Improvement in the Efficiency of the Condensing Vapor Cycle in Automotive Power Systems: The DCycle—John Gordon Davoud
What is UMTA Doing to Solve the Urban Transportation Problem?—B. J. Vierling
Mike Brickley and his Steam Powered Bicycle—Diane Thomas
The Mobile Steam Society Stanley—E. C. Hise
Improved Valving for Uniflow Steam Engines—F. L. Williams
How the "Baker" Valve Gear Does the Business: The A. D. Baker Company
Vol. 17, No. 1, 1975, 24pp SACA West Meet, Sparks, Nevada—Karl A. Petersen
Design Features and Initial Performance Data on an Automotive Steam Engine, Overall Powerplant Description and Performance Part I—L. C. Hoagland, R. L. Dernier, and J. Gerstmann
So, Here I Am, Back Into It Again—Ronald Ziesemer
Alternatives to the Gasoline Automobile—Jonathan Allen
The Smallest Steam Engine in the World—The Steam Motor Journal June 1907
Vol. 17, No. 2, 1975, 28pp A New Owner of an Historic Stanley—Gerald Fields
Design Features and Initial Performance Data on an Automotive Steam Engine, Overall Powerplant Description and Performance Part II—L. C.Hoagland. R. L. Dernier, and J. Gerstmann
Re-tubing Automotive FireTube Boilers—Oskar Zernickow
Alternatives to the Gasoline Automobile Part II—Jonathan Allen
A Successful Organic Fluid Steam Boat—Karl A. Petersen
Steam is Still the Number One Power—B. A. Lamb
Vol. 17, No. 3, 1975, 32pp Many Steamers Running at Western Region Spring Meet—Harcourt Hervey
The Steam Car vs. Moving Target—Roy A. Renner
The Carter System: A New Approach for a Steam Powered Automobile—Jay W. Carter, Jr.
Steam Session in Philadelphia—Charles D.Vander Bush
The Mechanical and Heat Transfer Design of the Mobile Steam Society (MSS) Mark II Steam Generator—E. C. Hise
There Goes My Mink!—Averill Becker
Design Features and Initial Performance Data on an Automotive Steam Engine: Reciprocating Steam Expander Design Features and Performance Part—W. D. Synuita
Vol. 17, No. 4, 1975, 32pp The Greensboro, North Carolina Meet—Bill Seiple
Improved "D" Cycle Engine—William Wildman
Basic Characteristics of a Steam and Variable Pressure Boiler—Jerry Peoples
Design Features and Initial Performance Data on an Automotive Steam Engine: Reciprocating Steam Expander Design Features and Performance Part II—W. D. Synuita
The Williams Brothers (California) Boilers—F. L. Williams
Au Le Cercle Concours d'Elegance, Une Soigne Stanley—Gerald Fields
Vol. 18, No. 1, 1976, 32pp Chicago Steam Auto Show and Seminar—C. A.Cummings
True "Birthplace of Speed" Gone—Patricia Izzo
Cavalier I A Bonnie Prince of a Steamer—James Flood
California Steam Vehicle Projects: 1975 Update—Roy A. Renner
Boiler Problems?
Is the Steam Engine the Prime Mover of the Future?—Peter Salzer, Saab-Scania. Sweden
Anti-friction Bearings and Steam Engines—Peter Small, Penn Ball Bearing Company
The Steam Car, Its Construction, Care and Operation—The Steam Motor Journal March 1908
Vol. 18, No. 2, 1976, 32pp Cavalier I: A Bonnie Prince of a Steamer Part II—James Flood
S.A.C.A. West Meeting in Oregon—Robert Noble
Looking for a Way Ahead with Steam Automobile Power Systems—Graeme Vagg
A Non-Condensing Stanley—George D. Greene
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Oil Burners but Were Afraid to Ask Part I—Edgar S. Downs
The MSS Beta Engine Design, Fabrication and Initial Testing—E. C. Hise
The Steam Car, Its Construction, Care, and Operation—The Steam Motor Journal June 1908
Interesting Experience with a White Steamer
New Steam Engine—Joseph Zibrum
Vol. 18, No. 3, 1976, 32pp Steam Madness—R. J. Evans
S.A.C.A. West: Report—Bob Noble and Harcourt Hervey
An Application of Process Modeling to Monotube Boiler Control—Doug Garner
Proposal for a New Steam Car—E. C. Hise
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Oil Burners But Were Afraid to Ask Part II—Edgar S. Downs
The Promise of the Steam Automobile—Steam Power Systems
Problems with a Stanley
Bendigo Helps to Build Steam Car
Lloyd Lanterman: A Man We Should All Know—Eugene Burrows
The Largest Steam Whistle in the World—The Steam Motor Journal June 1907
Auto Pollution Eroding Famous Chicago Facades—Chicago Daily News
Vol. 18, No. 4, 1976, 32pp Steam Generator Sizing and Performance Characteristics—Jerry Peoples
NicolasJoseph Cugnot (1725-1804) Inventor of the Motor Car and the First Man to Use Front Wheel Drive, was born 250 Years Ago in the "Iron Country"—L 'Automobiliste
Third Car Convenience in a Steam Powered Assisted Super Light Weight Vehicle—Richard J. Smith
Vance Configuration Engine UniflowType External Combustion Engine Featuring Double Expansion and Rotary Drive—Otto Vance Long
Stanley In the Bicentennial—Richard French
Scientific Energy Systems Proposal for a 6-Cylinder Compound Automotive Steam Engine as Presented to the Division of Transportation Energy Conservation, Energy Research and Development Administration, November 1975 Part I
A Report to the Members of the Steam Automobile Club for a Period of November 1976 - January 1977—James Flood, South Asia Correspondent
I Drive A White Steamer—Arthur H. Little, Harper's Magazine November 1938
A 1968 Javelin Converted to Steam—Victor Klein
Modernize Your Pilot
Vol. 19, No. 1, 1977, 32pp Chicago Steam Auto Seminar—C. A. Cummings
The Stanley Steamer—Revell Eckel
DCycle Power Systems Technical Note 7Vapor Stirling Engine—J. G. Davoud
Scientific Energy Systems Proposal for a 6-Cylinder Compound Automotive Steam Engine, as Presented to the Division of Transportation, Energy Conservation, Energy Research and Development Administration, November 1975 Part II
Vintage Cycle Steams Again—David Sarlin
Fiberfab LSR Features and Specifications
A Chain Drive Steam Driven Volkswagen—Peter A. Barrett
Vol. 19, No. 2, 1977, 24pp Pritchard Steam Power
Steam Land Speed Record Notes: Commentary—Howard Langdon
A Co-Op Steam Car: The Project Steam '77 Story
A Project Steam '77 (PS'77) Report
A Variable Bump Valve—H. Clark Foster
Pellandine Steam Car (1976)
S.A.C.A. Member—S. G. Gaut Restores a Stanley
Latest Stanley Chassis Incorporated Numerous Refinements—P. M. Heldt
Vol. 19, No. 3, 1977, 24pp Open Road to Steam—S. S. Miner
Pleasant Garden, North Carolina Meet Report—Tom Bayless
Book Review: "Methanol and Other Ways Around the Gas Pump" John W. Lincoln—Tom Bayless
A New Member Pops Off—Nelson Bolan
S.A.C.A. West Meet Report—Robert Noble
S.A.C.A. Meet: Danville, IL—C.A. Cummings
Vol. 19, No. 4, 1977, 24pp New Direction for S.A.C.A?
I Learned from Marriott—W. M. Houghton
To Clean the Boiler: Stanley Dealer Bulletin #227 of 1923
Pacific Northwest Meet: The Dalles, Oregon—Bob Noble
Expanding S.A.C.A.—S. S. Miner, Vice President
The Stanley Bug Bites in Boise, Idaho—Ronald Thurber
Update—Victor Klein
The First Time I Ran a Steam Car—Paul Jones
Simplicity of Operation is Feature of New Baker Steam Bus—Automotive Industries August 1926
Vol. 20, No. 1, 1977, 32pp Why Steam?—S. S. Miner
Garner Controller Evaluation—Peter A. Barrett
Project Steam '77 Reprinting: Newsletter 1, September 1976: Welcome to PS '77; Newsletter 2, October 1976: Features of Reciprocating Expander Development—Graeme Vagg
Steam Power for Agriculture—William Ranck
Steam vs. Gasoline—B. R. Vaughn The Steam Motor Journal August 1908
Regenerative Steam Engine
Pritchard Developments Continue (As Presented in PS'77 Newsletter 8), Tom Bayless
Report from South Asia to the MSS—James Flood
S.A.C.A. West Meet—Karl A. Petersen
A Machinist's Insight into the Paxton Phoenix Project (Talk by Art "Bud"Stump)—Karl A. Petersen
New Chapter: Chicago Area
Vol. 20, No. 2, 1978, 40pp More Stickum—S. S. Miner
SteamEngland Revisited—C. A. Cummings with Peter Stevenson and J. A.Ritchie
Second Meeting of Chicagoland Chapter—Tom Bayless
An Automotive Steam Engine
Superheated Steam as Applied to Road Vehicles—The Steam Motor Journal
If Hummingbirds Can Fly Backward... S.A.C.A. Can Grow - Forward! The Library Gift Plan—Tom Bayless
Southeastern Region Meet: R. A. Gibbs Home in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina—C. A. Cummings
The Monotube Steam Generators—James Crank and Karl A. Petersen
Calvin O. Holmes: An Appreciation—Stanley Ellis
Continuation of Newsletter #2 October 1976: PS'77—Graeme Vagg
Vol. 20, No. 3, 1978, 40pp CH3OH: Fuel of the Future—S. S. Miner
Chicagoland Chapter Report
The Return of the Iron Horse—M. W. Thring, E. J. Sharpe. and P. K. LeSuer
Steam Automobile Performance—S. S. Miner
Continuation: Reprinting PS'77 Newsletter #2
Is That a Steamer Stanley?—Carol Neiderhauser
1978 St. Thomas, Pennsylvania Steam Car Tour—Elisa Amsley
Visit to East Broad Trip Highlights Automobile Tour: Record Herald, Waynesboro, PA
The Conversion of a Steam Engine—Karl A. Petersen
Getting Steam Moving
Birth and Childhood of the Mobile Steam Society—E. C. Hise
Mobile Steam Society Builds Steam Powered Volkswagen—Steve Rogers The Oak Ridger
Vol. 20, No. 4, 1978, 40pp Twenty Years of S.A.C.A.—R. A. Gibbs
Let's Try for Twenty More—S. S. Miner, Vice-Pres
Pritchard Steam Power Pty. Ltd.
S.A.C.A. Fall Meeting: Danville, Illinois—C. A. Cummings
My 1909 White—Bill Beatty
That's Old Time Steam Railroading—Tom Bayless
Northwest Steam Meet: The Dalles, Oregon—Karl A. Petersen
Good Old Basic Steam Part I—C. A. Cummings
Steam Under Glass—Peter Barrett and Karl A. Petersen
From the Notebooks of Abner Doble—Joel Wastel
Project Steam '77 Recap—Joel Wastel
Review: The Efficient Use of Internal Fire: The Internal Combustion Engine—C. A. Cummings
Incident on a Trip, Steam Gage, March 1978, Northwest Steam Society, Inc.
Wood Bending
Proposal for Modifying Stanley Feed Pumps (Correction in V. 21, No. 2)—Arthur N. Phillips
A Year's Running of a Steam Car -Locomobile Owner's Report—Arthur C. Hovenden The Model Engineer and Amateur Electrician Dec. 1902
Vol. 21, No. 1, 1979, 40pp Fuel for Thought—S. S. Miner
Good Old Basic Steam Part II—C. A. Cummings
Report on a Spinning Cup Burner—Peter Barrett
Lightweight Steam Reciprocators
The Telsa-Concept Friction Operating Steam Turbine—William Seiple
Want to Convert a Four-Stroke to Steam—Jim Jones
Tribute to Earle S. Eckel—Revell Eckel
The Secret Liquid—Jerry Peoples
Reprinting: PS'77 Newsletter 4 February 1977
Telling It Like It Was: 1885 Fields Car Story—The Automobile March '17
Modern Coal Burning Steam Locomotives—Frank McGuffin
Review: ERDA-77-54 Published by United States Energy Research and Development Administration—S. S. Miner
Vol. 21, No. 2, 1979, 40pp The Steam Ball—S. S. Miner
The Organic Vapor Powerplant—James D. Crank
Cruban: Making the Stanley Practical—Karl A. Petersen
Good Old Basic Steam Part III—C. A. Cummings
Water Treatment for Small Mobile Steam Power Systems—J. C. Million MSS Journal
Salt Differences Drive Japanese Test Engine
Reprinting PS'77 Newsletter March 1977: A Philosophical Commentary on the Current Status of the Process Modeling Feedwater Control System, H. D. Garner
Barrett Throttle Drawings
Vol. 21, No. 3, 1979, 40pp Steaming at Greensboro—Bill Seiple
Averill, Barney and "Betsy" Becker—Roy A.Renner with Marilyn Lassagne
The Saturated Liquid Engine—Albert Lord
Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference of 1968
Design and Fabrication of a Garner Proportional Fuel Controller—Peter A. Barrett
S.A.C.A. Fall Meeting: Danville, Illinois—C. A. Cummings
The Monotube Part III—James D. Crank
Steam News from Australia—Graeme Vagg
Is Your Product Really Ready to Market?—Graeme Vagg
Vol. 21, No. 4, 1979, 40pp Northwest Region Annual Meet: Boise, Idaho—Karl A. Petersen
The Steam Land Speed Record According to James Crank—Karl A. Petersen
Sydney Clement: Australia's Senior Enthusiast Moves On
The Saga of the "Prinz Olaf Special"—Joe Ellison
Western Region Fall Meet—Robert Noble
A Visit with Stanley Collectivists—Bob Noble
The Brooks Steam Bus from the Other Side of the Mirror—Joe Ellison
A Virgina Steam Car of the Eighties—Jim Walsh Hobbies March 1952
Making a Dream Come Alive—Ernest Davignon
Water in the Crankcase: IC Engine Conversion Pitfalls and Palliatives, Karl A. Petersen
Report on a Second Generation Spinning Cup Burner—Peter Barrett
Two-Phase Turbine Engines—David Elliott, and Lance G. Hays (BiPhase Engines, Santa Monica, California)
Vol. 22, No. 1, 1980, 40pp PPP-X1—Joe Ellison
Superheater Dome Engine from VW Block—Bill Ryan
A Wider Source of Alcohol Fuel Talk—Jerry Weakley
Thorfinn—Jerry Heermans
6" x 5" Heavy Duty Marine Engine
Restoring a 735—Tim Abramson
Buff of Steam is Larry Bean—Jim Sluzewski, Cincinnati Enquirer
The Great Sun Machine The Exxon Lamp
Reprinting PS'77 Newsletter #8, August 1977: Early Graeme Vagg V4 and V6 Steam Engines
Lear Motors Components
Vol. 22, No. 2, 1980, 40pp Seventeenth Annual Meet: Greensboro, North Carolina—William Seiple
Screens in Stanley Jets—Stanley W. Ellis
An Old Friend Visits at MiniMeet—Bob Noble
Howard Langdon and THE Car—Karl A. Petersen
A Wood Fired Monotube—A.C.E. Knight
Steam Power Club Meet—Averill Becker
Pritchard Developments Continue?
Progress on the Barrett Steam Car
The Coal Car
A Simple I.C. Engine Conversion—A.C.E. Knight
Reprinting PS'77 Newsletter #10
Vol. 22, No. 3, 1980, 40pp Danville Meet 1980—C. A. Cummings
Triplex Pump Comparison—Karl A. Petersen
Steam Power Development Survival in the 1980's—Graeme Vagg
S.A.C.A. West Regional Meet—Ken Kowal and Bob Noble
Hydraulic Considerations for a Spinning Cup Atomizer—Jerry Peoples
Barrett Developments: Late 1980—Peter Barrett
James Jones Builds a Steam Outboard—Jim Jones
Viewpoint—Henry Miller Skinned Knuckles July 1980
From PS'77: 3Point Pressure Switch, Designed by J. Allen Reynolds—J. Allen Reynolds
Vol. 22, No. 4, 1980, 40pp Charles Wardle—An Early Steam Car Distributor—Gary Levine
The Naphtha Launch: The Steamless Steam Motorboat of 1885—John W. Lincoln
New Barrett Newsletter
What? An Olds Steamer? The Continuing Saga of the Dick Howe's Curved Dash Oldsmobile—Ken Kowal
Charles Wardle: An Early Steam Car Distributor
The Superheater Dome Engine Continues
No Boiler, Just Engine—Karl A. Petersen
A Modern Marine Steam Plant—Wally E. Mounster
Steam Vehicles from Maryland and the District of Columbia—Willard J. Prentice The Antique Automobile
Building a Steamer—Nigel Mould
Vol. 23, No. 1, 1981, 40pp Convention of the S.A.C.A. Pleasant Garden, North Carolina—Bill Seiple
The SpeeDTwin: A Reversible Engine Especially Designed for a Saw Mill Feed
Popping Back—Stanley Ellis
Steam Automobiles—Bill Seiple
Progress on the Barrett Steam Car
The Right Approach for Development Work—Dick French
An Automotive Monotube Controller—Jim Crank
Vol. 23, No. 2, 1981, 40pp Blowing Off Steam—David A. Warriner
The Little Engine that Might—Deitrick E. Thomsen, Science News
Steam Power Unit Development for Automotive and Other Applications, Edward Pritchard
A Record-Breaking Motor Run—Sunset July 1908
Sunshine As Power—Arthur Inkersley Sunset 1903
L.B.S.C. Designs and Describes the Stanleyette—Model Engineer
Vol. 23, No. 3, 1981, 40pp Danville: Developments on Display—C. A. Cummings
Some American Light Steam Carriages: An English Engineering Appraisal of the Stanley/Locomobile—W. Worby Beaumont
Corrosion Protection for Steam Car Boilers—Farris Chemical Company
Modified Vega Demonstrates Feasibility of Automotive Solar Power—Design News
Vol. 23, No. 4, 1981, 40pp Something Old, Something New: Bob McElroy and Dow Corning Make Steam Cars—New Material News 1982
Howe's Steamer: On and Off the Road—Karl A. Petersen after Ken Kowal and Dick Howe
The First Automobile in Brown County, Kansas, History of Brown County
J. Vanek's Solar Pump—John W. Lincoln
Interviews with the late Fred H. Marriott—Thomas G. Marshall. Jr.
Prefect Problems—David Sarlin
Whitney—An English Engineering Appraisal—W. Worby Beaumont
F. W. Ofeldt & Sons: Naphtha and Steam Power Plants—John W. Lincoln
Vol. 24, No. 1, 1982, 40pp Ninteenth Annual Meet—Greensboro, North Carolina—William Seiple
The White Steam Car—Warren S. Weiant, Jr. Antique Automobile
Firing Up a White—Roland Giroux
The Story of Herkimer: A 1907 White Steamer—Warren S. Weiant, Jr. Antique Automobile
White Steam Cars, 1905—W. Worby Beaumont
Vol. 24, No. 2, 1982, 40pp Progress on the Barrett Steam Car—Peter A. Barrett
Resurrection of a Stanley Steamer—A. G. Clayton
Salon—1911 Stanley Steamer—Tony Hogg
Northwest Meet—McCall, Idaho—Karl A. Petersen
A Comeback for Steam—Gordon Davoud
The Clarkson Steam Cars—W. Worby Beaumont
Vol. 24, No. 3, 1982, 40pp Experiments in Steam—Graham Baker
All Steamed Up About—Marie A. White
Developments at Danville—C. A. Cummings
Steam Buses and Trucks—A Proposal—E. William Ranck
Turbine Propels Open-Cycle Steam Automobile—Brian J. Hogan
The Keen Steamliner—Jim Benjaminson
Pelland Steamer
Western Region Mini-Meet—Ken Kowal
Steam Buses and Trucks—A Proposal—W. Worby Beaumont
Vol. 24, No. 4, 1982, Survey—Graeme Vagg
West-By-Northwest Under Steam—Dick Hempel
Doble Roadtest—The Autocar
Experiments in Steam—Graham Baker
Barrett Newsletter
Lamplough-Albany Steam Cars—W. Worby Beaumont
Miesse and Chaboche Steam Cars—W. Worby Beaumont
Vol. 25, No. 1, 1983, 40pp Twenty-five Years of Nostalgia and Vision—Karl A. Petersen
Stanleys Through the Years—Thomas C. Marshall
Reminiscences—A Doble for Under $100—William Schneider
All Steamed Up—Russell Stratton
A Delightful Informal Steam Meet (Canandaigua, NY)—Byron Spence
Bollee—W. Worby Beaumont
DeDion & Bouton—W. Worby Beaumont
Steam Car Blues—Max Hodges
A 1300 Mile Jaunt in a Stanley Steamer
Vol. 25, No. 2, 1983, 40pp Keen, Doble and the Ziesemers—Ronald Ziesemer
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Notes: Bob Lyon's History of the Club—Harry Peterson
Western Region Fall Meet—Ken Kowal
Steam Auto Nearing Completion (Harry Peterson's Janson Corvair)—Betty Schaberg
One Man's Steam Tractor—John Wetz
Empathy, or Identifying the Self with Some Form of Power—Brooks A. Jones
The ACE 3000—Here's Why—William F. Wildman
A Look At David Rose's 1899 Locomobile Steamer—Ken Kowal
Rankine Engine Driven Alternator Generates 25 KW—Brian J. Hogan Design News
Out of the Archives: Certificate of Incorporation of the SACA—S. S. Miner
Review of Testing and Evaluation of an Improved Steam Engine—Roy A. Renner
Vol. 25, No. 3, 1983, 40pp History of The Only Bryan Steam Car in Existence—Arthur Wissinger—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
Project Steam 77 is Alive and Well and Living in Pomona—S. S. Miner
SACA Meet, Pleasant Garden, NC—William Seiple
Super-Alloy: A Promise for Tomorrow—John Dabbs & William Seiple
Larry Bean's Whistling Billy—William Seiple
Highlights from My Selfeducation in Microcomputers—H.D. Garner
A Visit with Eric Delling—A. W. Landry & William Seiple
Progress Report on the Barrett Steam Car—Peter A. Barrett
If It Smells Like a Bakery—Alex Joyce, William Seiple
Looking Back—A. W. Landry
Vol. 25, No. 4, 1984, 40pp SACA Danville - Sept. 16 & 17, 1983
Experimental Variable Valve Mechanism—Neil A. Baldwin & Darrell McElravy
The Cryo Engine—Mitchell Williams & Ed Blakeman
Progress Report on the Barrett Steam Car, Sept. 1983 - Jan. 1984
Wood Gas Generator Design Parameters—Doug Garner
A Mini-Meet in the Western Region—Ken Kowal
Project 77 Builders' Info—Peter A. Barrett
SACA West Fall Meet Oct. 22, 23, 1983—Ken Kowal
A New American Coal Burning Merchant Ship—Jerry Heermans
Whistling Billy Update—Larry Bean
Vol. 26, No. 1, 1984, 40pp Ken Kowal's Mini Meet 1983
7980 and Me—J.D. Crank
Wetz's Handy Dandy Percolator Circulator Condenser—John Wetz
Barrett Steam Car Progress Feb.May, '84—Peter A. Barrett
The $99 Engine—S.S. Miner
SACA West Car Project
Reluctant Goes to Pleasant Garden—F.L. Spruill
Vol. 26, No. 2, 1984, 40pp SACA West, The Rose MiniMeet—Ken Kowal
Pleasant Garden 1984—William Seiple
Steam on Windermere—Karl A. Petersen
Project Progress on My Steamer—Joel Wastell
Progress Report: Barrett Steam Car June, July, August 1984—Peter A. Barrett
The Malone Heat Engine—William Seiple
Whistling Billy Notes—Larry Bean
7980 and Me—J. D. Crank
Automatic Feed Pump—A. C. E. Knight
Further Development of a Marine Steam Plant—Wally Mounster
Looking Back—Some More
Vol. 26, No. 3, 1985, 40pp SACA West MiniMeet—Ken Kowal
My Romance with the Steam Car—Erlyn Wilker
Automobile BC
Danville 1984—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
Florida Notes—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
SACA as seen by a Shade Tree Mechanic—John Wetz
Summary Statement on Steam Power—Jerry Peoples
Progress Report—Peter A. Barrett
Supplemental Report—Peter A. Barrett
The Stover Engine and Valve—William Seiple
Vol. 26, No. 4, 1985, 40pp Synopsis: Pleasant Garden—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
Heritage Technologies: International Steam Meet
Progress Report—Peter A. Barrett
Appendix: Project 77 Progress Report—Peter A. Barrett
Chapter III in the Life of the Bryan Steamer—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
United States Patent
Betsy's Most Embarrassing Moment—Averill Becker
One Man's Steam Tractor—John Wetz
Trials with a Rotary Engine—Ralph Hettinga
The Barrett/Moore Mini Meet—Ken Kowal
A Simple Steam Valve—A.C.E. Knight
Vol. 27, No. 1, 1986, 40pp Steam Afloat—Jim Tangeman
Notes on the Race Car—Jim Crank
Project Steam 77—Peter A. Barrett
Project Report Barrett Project 77—Peter A. Barrett
145.607 mph—S.S. Miner
The $99.00 Engine—S.S. Miner
Wilker Transportation Museum Stratford, Ontario
Automobile B.C.
SACA West Rose Mini Meet II—Ken Kowal
Oil/Water Separation—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
Vol. 27, No. 2, 1986, 40pp 145.607 mph—S.S. Miner
Pleasant Garden, 1985—Bill Sieple
The P77 Sportster—S.S. Miner
Besler Aircraft Steam Power Plant—J. Allen Reynolds, Jr.
S.A.C.A. West Mini Meet—Ken Kowal
An Engine Control System Proposal—Tom Elliott
Steam Car Tour—Russell Goodall
Steam Generator Design and Construction—Peter A. Barrett
Project Steam 77—Peter A. Barrett