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On this page, small versions of the pictures available will be posted. Captions will include Title, whether coloured and the file type and size. This was done to make this page load quickly and inform the reader whether he had time to get a snack while any selected large file was downloading. As the designer of this page has been dissatisfied with the quality of pictures on other web sites, he has chosen to use the best images he has here.

Your comments would be appreciated.



Nergaard's 1907 White
Colour Jpg 110K

Nergaard's 1922 Stanley
Colour Jpg 79K

Dickey's White
B&W JPEG, 62k

Well's White

Colour Jpg 55k

Winship's 1922 Stanley
Colour Jpg 40k

Winship's 1925 SV
Colour Jpg 54k

Well,s 1910 Stanley
Colour Jpg, 56k

Benson's Racer
Colour Jpg, 84k

Eldredge's 1901 Lane
Colour Jpg, 60k

Dickey's Locomobile
Colour Jpg, 88k

Blazick's Stanley
Colour Jpg, 75k

Cooke's Grout
Colour Jpg 43K

Colour Jpg, 38k

At Summit
Colour Jpg, 34k

Evans' 1920 Stanley
Colour Jpg, 54k

MacNicol's 1924 Stanley
Colour Jpg, 40k

Smith's Stanley
Colour Jpg 79k

Dawson's 1924 Stanley
Colour Jpg 74k

Dawson's 1924 Stanley
Colour Jpg 59k

Bill Cooke's Stanley
Colour Jpeg 59K

Dieter Engine, Shift End
Colour Jpg 60k

Dieter Engine
Colour Jpg 72k

Dieter Engine Drawing
B&W Jpg 247k

Cooke's Stanley
Colour Jpg 195k

Benson's 1901 Stanley
Colour Jpg 52k

Orth's Stanley
Colour Jpg 67k

Cantor's Stanley
Colour Jpg 68k

Blazick's Stanley
Colour Jpg 74k

Hackett's Stanley 'Bus
Colour Gif 121k

Waterworth's Stanley
Colour Jpg, 101k

Linderman's Stanley
Colour Jpg, 75k

Randall's Stanley
Colour JPEG, 109k

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