Steam Help Page

In this section I hope to have two columns of information. The first will be Hints and Kinks from club members for those owning similar steam cars, probably limited to Stanleys and Whites. The second will be general advice intended for those trying to build a new steam car.

Hints and Kinks

"Pumpless Pumping, or How to Raise Steam in a Stanley Without Elbow Grease"

"For Stanleys: a Modified Main Vaporizor Fitting"

"For Stanleys: a Simple Piston Wrench"

"For Stanleys: a Word of Warning

"Repair of a Baker Burner Plate"

"Building a Stanley Pilot"

"Replacing a Bad Tube"

"Check Your Oil Feed"

"Burner Hoisting the Easy Way"

General Advice



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