Some Papers Given at SACA-NorthEast Meetings


"The Suitability of the Dieter Uniflow Steam Engine for Mobile Steam Power Applications", Bruce Magnell, 21 March 1999


"An Ascent of Mt. Washington", David Nergaard, 31 August 1999


"S-10 Chevy Pick-Up Conversion", Craig Standbridge, 10 February 2000


1901 Lane Model 0 Runabout, Arthur S. Eldredge, Jr., 13 November 2000


The Lane Burner, Arthur S. Eldredge, Jr., 22 August 2001


The Forgotten Lamont Boiler, George K. Nutz, 23 April 1998


100th Anniversary-Mount Washington Hillclimb, George K. Nutz, 13 February 1999


On the Separation of Oil from Feed Water, David K. Nergaard, 16 August 2000


Notes on Fitting Four Wheel Brakes to Stanley Condensing Cars, David K. Nergaard, 28 August 2001


Experience with a Piston Valved Stanley Engine. David K. Nergaard, 13 September 2000


The Lane Automobile Engine, Arthur Eldredge, March 2002


The Nergaard-SACA-NE Piston Valve Stanley Cylinder Block Project, David K. Nergaard, 16 April 2002, revised 18 June, 2002


SACA/NE Time Trials, George K. Nutz, 12 September, 2002


The White Grate Project, Richard Wells, 16 December, 2002


From Antique Automobiles to a Stanley Steamer, Cathy Dawson, April 2003


A Case of a Screw Loose? By Arthur Eldredge, December 2003


Fun With Grates By Richard Wells, May 2005


A Stanley Feed Pump Fix by D. K. Nergaard, Oct 2006


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